Why did Titanic sink?

Why did Titanic sink? - This is why Titanic sank!

If you haven't seen the movies or read the books, you may have a nagging question. You probably heard about the movies and books and remember that the ship sank, but why did Titanic sink? Well, the answer is that Titanic hit a big iceberg that made a hole in it. Then, it filled with water and sank.

How could this happen you ask? Why did the Titanic sink just because it hit some frozen ice? It happened for three main reasons:

First, the ship was going way too fast considering the fact that there were many iceberg warnings out there from other ships. Titanic should have been going slower looking for icebergs instead of ignoring the iceberg warnings.

Second, the iceberg had no problem penetrating the ship, because the ship was built with low quality iron. The builders should have invested in better iron.

Thirdly, the compartments that seal off different parts of the ship to prevent water from getting into the entire boat were designed incorrectly. The ship designers should have spent more time on where to put the compartments and less time on how to design the cabins.

To make things worse, so many people died because Titanic did not have enough lifeboats and the initial call for help was confused with the ship having a party on the boat.

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