Why is it called a hot dog?

Question: Why is it called a hot dog?

A hot dog is basically a sausage inside a sliced bun. The sausage is made with beef, pork, corn syrup, water, spices, and so on, but it does not contain dogs, so why is it called a hot dog?

Like so many other food consumed in America, the hot dog was invented in Germany. It was invented in Frankfurt, Germany, which explains why it is also called a Frankfurter.

There are some disagreements as to who first used the name hot dog, but many agree that it all started with German immigrants who came to America. The immigrants made Frankfurters and Wiener Wurstchen, but decided they needed an English name, and the name hot dog was created.

Back in the mid 1800s in Germany, Germans actually used dogs in cooking and more specifically in their Frankfurters. Although, the immigrants did not use dogs in their hot dogs, they found the name fitting, and that is why it is called hot dog.

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