Why is it called Indian summer?

Question: Why is it called Indian summer?

First of all, we call it an Indian summer if we have a long summer. Basically, your summer and warm weather extends into fall. Your summer is unusually long. These days, it seems like every summer is an Indian summer. Some people may argue that is due to global climate change caused by humans, and others may argue that is just the cycle our Earth is going through.

Anyway, why are long summers called Indian summers? From written books and articles, and oral stories from older people we can derive that long summers have been called Indian summers for at least 150 years.

There are different theories as to why it is called Indian summer, but the one Research Maniacs thinks is most plausible is that it comes from the early settlers. The Indians would raid farms after the harvest if the weather was good. But if autumn weather came, the Indians would leave and not raid the farms. Thus, if the summer stayed long past harvest, then the Indians would come, and that is why it is called Indian summer.

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