Why is it called Siri?

Question: Why is it called Siri?

If you have one of the latest iPhones from Apple, then you have probably heard of Siri, your personal phone assistant. You may ask: Why is it called Siri? Why did Apple name her Siri? It was not actually Apple that named Siri. Siri was name by the company that invented Siri before Apple acquired the company. Although, some say that Apple did not like the name at first, the name stuck and it is now the name of the personal assistant for millions of people. The company that named Siri chose the name for a few reasons. First, the owner liked the name Siri. Second, it is a short and sweet name. And third, the meaning of the name reflects what Siri can do. Siri is a Norwegian name that means Beautiful and Victorious.

Comments from Research Maniacs' patrons

Listening to Siri, you can easily hear that she is both Beautiful and Victorious.

I thought the name Siri came from SRI International's venture group that funded the Siri Inc. startup company.

Dag Kittlaus, the CEO of Siri, Inc. says Siri is named after the daughter that he is yet to have. Kittlaus also says the domain name was available when they started the company, and Siri is easy to say and spell.

Hey, the picture of Siri on this page is not exactly the way I pictured her.
I pictured her prettier. You know, like a blond Scandinavian!

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