What does Basting mean?

Food Question: What does Basting mean?

The verb "baste" means to moisten meat or other food while cooking. Melted butter or other fat, meat drippings, or liquid such as a stock is spooned or brushed on food as it cooks to moisten it. A bulb baster can also be used to drizzle the liquid over the food. Basting adds flavor and color, and prevents poultry from drying out.

Consumers can purchase raw poultry products that have already been marinated, basted, or brined. These products have been injected or marinated with a solution containing butter or other edible fat, broth, stock, or water, plus spices, flavor enhancers, colorings, or other approved ingredients. If you see terms such as "basted," "self basted," "marinated," or "for flavoring" on a raw poultry label, a solution has been added during processing up to 3% by weight for bone-in poultry and up to 8% by weight for boneless poultry.

If basting poultry while it is roasting, remember that each time the oven door is opened, the oven temperature is lowered and additional cooking time may be needed. Always use clean utensils to avoid cross-contamination.

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