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What is Tamari?
What is Tamari and what is the difference between Tamari and other soy sauces?

You may have heard that they use Tamari on cooking shows on TV, or seen it in recipes in cookbooks, but do you know what it is?

Tamari is a kind of Japanese soy sauce that is made without (or with very little) wheat. Which means most Tamari is gluten-free...check the label to be sure! Tamari can be used as a substitute for the more common Chinese soy sauces.

Other than the fact that Tamari is made with little or no wheat, we found that the main difference between Tamari and other soy sauces is that Tamari tastes a little less salty and has a little thicker consistency.

We here at Research Maniacs have differing opinions on which soy sauce is best. Some staff members think the traditional soy sauce is better, while the more health-conscious staff members think the gluten-free Tamari soy sauce is better.

If you like a less salty and more healthy soy sauce, Tamari may be for you! Give it a try next time you visit the grocery store.


Research Maniacs recommends the San-J Tamari Black Label which, according to the manufacturer, is made with more soybeans than regular soy sauce, which gives it a richer, smoother and more complex taste.


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