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What Is The Best Sweet Chili Sauce?
Research Maniacs' opinion about the best Sweet Chili Sauce

We bought a bunch of Sweet Chili Sauces from our local grocery store and tried them all to see which one we liked the best. Here we tell you our winner!

Sweet Chili Sauce

There are many good Sweet Chili Sauces out there. If you haven't tried it or don't know what it is, Sweet Chili Sauce is a Thai sauce mixture of chili pepper, sugar, garlic, vinegar and a few other ingredients, combined into a delicious blend of complex tastes which satisfy all of your tastebuds at the same time.

Originally, this dipping sauce was made for spring rolls, but it can be used for so much more, such as chicken, shrimp, crab, vegetables, and even french fries.

For our comparison, we tasted the different Sweet Chili Sauces on bento bowls of rice and grilled chicken. As we say above, there are many good sweet chili sauces, but only one can be the best.

We found that some were too sweet or not sweet enough, some had hard chunks of chili peppers, some were too starchy or too soupy, or too hot or not hot enough.

Research Maniacs' hands down opinion of the best Sweet Chili Sauce you can buy in your local grocery store is Caravelle.

Caravelle is the best Sweet Chili Sauce because it's the best tasting, and it has the best texture and consistency.

Caravelle is not paying us anything for this opinion. We just think it is soooo good that we want to share our joy with others.

Caravelle Sweet Chili Sauce

This picture shows what the bottle of delicious Caravelle Sweet Chili Sauce looks like.

We recommend that you pick up a bottle of Caravelle Sweet Chili Sauce next time you walk down the Thai isle of your grocery store.

Note: At our local grocery store, Caravelle Sweet Chili Sauce was on display by the fresh meat counter instead of in the Thai isle, so make sure to look there too.


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