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Eat as many cupcakes as you want, but don't get stuck having to eat the last cupcake! It sounds easy enough, but this game is harder than it looks. Use logic and math skills to win this game. (See instructions below if needed)


You are playing against The Cupcake Hog.

You can start the game by eating cupcakes or press "Let Hog Eat Cupcakes" if you want him to start the game.

There are four rows of cupcakes. When it is your turn, you can eat as many cupcakes as you want from any ONE row.When it is your turn, you must eat at least one cupcake. When you are done eating cupcakes from a row, press "Let Hog Eat Cupcakes".

You win, if you leave one cupcake that Hog has to eat. You lose, if there is only one cupcake left that you have to eat.

We have a large collection fun riddles. Can you solve them?

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