How far can the human eye see?

Do you know how far can the human eye can see?

So your question is: If you have normal eyes, how far can the human eye see? Three things affect how far you can see:

Obstacles: Any obstacle in the way would hinder you from seeing far. Obviously, you can see a lot further if you look up, compared to looking down.because the ground is in the way.

Clarity: Is the air clear or foggy? The less clear, the less distance you can see. On clear day you may see the mountain in a distance, but during bad weather you may not.

Light: The more light, the more you can see. For example, you see further if you turn your headlights on when driving at night. A light in the distance is also more visible, compared to a dark spot in the distance.

But, you're thinking: I asked, how far the human eye can see, not what obstacles affect how far you can see. So here's your answer: If there are no obstacles, a lot of light, and it's very clear, then there is really no limit to how far you can see. Think about it. You can see stars millions of miles away. People can see other galaxies with their naked eyes.

A more interesting, more complex, and less obvious question may be:
How far can the human eye see on the ocean?


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