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Is 25 happy or unhappy number?

To determine if 25 is a happy number or unhappy number, we square each digit in 25 and then add those numbers together.

Then we repeat the process for the result until either the result turns to 1 or we realize it will never be 1.

If it becomes a 1, then it is a happy numbers. Otherwise, it is an unhappy number.

Here is the math to make it more clear:

22 + 52 = 29

22 + 92 = 85

82 + 52 = 89

We kept doing the math above and it just started looping the same numbers and never got to 1. Since, we did not get to 1, 25 is an:

Unhappy Number

Is 26 happy or unhappy number?
Do you think you can figure out if a number is happy or unhappy on your own know? Try the next number on our list and then check your answer here.

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