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You have probably seen pictures of a Geisha: Asian woman in white face make-up, red lipstick, big hair, and dressed in a Kimono, but do you know what a Geisha is?

A Geisha is a female entertainer from Japan. She is usually trained from very young age to perfect her craft in music, dance, arts, and hosting. Geisha have been around in Japan for hundreds of years and are still a part of their society.

The white makeup, called Shironuro, takes hours to apply and is done before they put on their Kimono to avoid getting make-up on it. Part of the make-up used to be made out of lead, but for obvious health reasons they no longer use that.

The Geisha hair is not always real. Often times they wear a wig. When the hair is real, many sleep with a special pillow to avoid messing it up.

Can Geisha be married? No. If a Geisha marries, she must give up her Geisha title.

The number of Geisha in Japan is sadly declining, but they are still around, keeping part of Japan's culture and traditions alive.

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