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Andrew Jackson was the United States of America’s seventh president.

President Andrew Jackson was born in Waxhaw, North Carolina on March 15, 1767 and grew up to become America’s seventh president.

His place of primary affiliation was Tennessee. Andrew Jackson became president on March 4, 1829 and left the office on March 4, 1837.

President Andrew Jackson was a member of the Democratic Party and his vice presidents were John C. Calhoun and Martin Van Buren.

Andrew Jackson's nicknames include Old Hickory, Sharp Knife, The Hero of New Orleans, and The Old Hero.

He was an orphan by age 14 because of war and cholera, but grew up to become a lawyer and earned enough to become a major plantation owner and merchant in Tennessee. In 1801 he became an officer in the Tennessee military, and advanced to major general. He led several battles against the Creek Indians and had seized large areas of land from them. In 1812 Jackson laid the foundation for his later political success by defeating the British in the Battle of New Orleans. He became the President of the United States at age 61.

The greatest stain on his presidency bears the name "Trail of Tears", a project of ethnic cleansing, where Indian tribes were driven from Georgia to Arkansas to make way for white farmers and mining companies.

President Jackson was one of eight presidents that never attended college. The others were President Washington, President Van Buren, President Taylor, President Fillmore, President Lincoln, President Johnson, and President Cleveland.

President Jackson is portrayed on U.S. paper currency. Other presidents portrayed on U.S. paper currency include President Jefferson, President Washington, President Grant, President McKinley, President Cleveland, President Madison, President Wilson, and President Lincoln.

Jackson was president when the United States had no debt. That had never happened before or since. Andrew Jackson was 78 years old when he died on June 8, 1845.

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