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William Jefferson Clinton was the United States of America’s forty-second president.

President Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946 and grew up to become America’s forty-second president.

He was a lawyer and lecturer before he became President of the United States at age 46. His place of primary affiliation was Arkansas.

Bill Clinton became president on Wednesday, January 20, 1993 and left the office on Saturday, January 20, 2001.

President Bill Clinton was a member of the Democratic Party and his vice president was Al Gore.

Bill Clinton's nicknames include Bill, Bubba, The Comeback Kid, and Slick Willie.

Despite being born in simple conditions in the south, William Jefferson Clinton has law degrees from both Oxford and Yale. He was elected governor in his home state twice, before being elected the Democratic presidential candidate in 1992.

Together with his wife, he tried to reform health care, but found little support in Congress. He introduced "Do not ask - Do not tell" practice in the military, which meant that gays could serve legally as long as they did not manifest their orientation.

Clinton's presidency is America's longest period of economic growth in peacetime. His second presidency was marred by several scandals, not least the Lewinsky affair, which was about whether he had sex with an intern in the White House and whether he lied about this in another context.

He was impeached for false testimony, but got away with an apology.

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