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George Washington was the United States of America’s first president.

President George Washington was born in Pope's Creek, Virginia on February 22, 1732 and grew up to become America’s first president.

He was a land surveyor and plantation owner. George Washington was also prominent in the war against France from 1754 to 1758 and he was elected to the second Congress in 1775, where he was appointed head of U.S. forces in the fight for independence. Washington led the young troops to victory and was immensely popular. A number of military victories based on his boldness and skills made George Washington the undisputed choice as America's first president. He became President of the United States at age 57 and his place of primary affiliation was Virginia.

George Washington became president on April 30, 1789 and left office on March 4, 1797. He was not a member of any political party and his Vice President was John Adams. George Washington had only one real tooth when he became president.

George Washington's nicknames include Father of His County and The Sage of Mount Vernon. In his resignation speech he warned his countrymen against making permanent alliances with other nations so as to not be drawn into their wars.

President Washington was one of eight presidents that never attended college. The others were President Jackson, President Van Buren, President Taylor, President Fillmore, President Lincoln, President Johnson, and President Cleveland.

President Washington is portrayed on U.S. coins. Other presidents portrayed on U.S. coins include President Franklin Roosevelt, President Lincoln, President Kennedy, President Jefferson and President Eisenhower.

President Washington is also portrayed on U.S. paper currency. Other presidents portrayed on U.S. paper currency include President Jefferson, President Jackson, President Grant, President McKinley, President Cleveland, President Madison, President Wilson, and President Lincoln.

George Washington is the only president that did not live in Washington D.C. while being President. George Washington was 67 years old when he died on Dec 14, 1799.

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