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James Madison was the United States of America’s fourth president.

President James Madison was born in Port Conway, Virginia on March 16, 1751 and grew up to become America’s fourth president.

He was a plantation owner and lawyer before he became President of the United States at age 57. His place of primary affiliation was Virginia.

James Madison became president on March 4, 1809 and left the office on March 4, 1817. President James Madison was a member of the Democratic-Republican Party and his vice presidents were George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry.

James Madison's nicknames include Father of the Constitution, Little Johnny, and Sage of Montpelier.

James Madison was the son of a tobacco grower in Virginia. He studied at Princeton and later became a protégé of Thomas Jefferson and later his Secretary of State. James Madison argued strongly against a centralized federal power and worked to ensure that legislation and administration would counteract the states.

President Madison is portrayed on U.S. paper currency. Other presidents portrayed on U.S. paper currency include President Jefferson, President Washington, President Jackson, President Grant, President McKinley, President Cleveland, President Wilson, and President Lincoln.

President Madison was the shortest president at only 5’4” (President Lincoln was the tallest President at 6’4)”. James Madison was 85 years old when he died on June 28, 1836.

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