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John Adams was the United States of Americaís second president.

President John Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts on October 30, 1735 and grew up to become Americaís second president.

He was a Harvard-educated lawyer, teacher and farmer. John Adams was intelligent and impatient and he earned great respect in the fight for independence against the British. John Adams had great influence in the Congress from 1774 to 1778. He sat on the committee that would write the U.S. Declaration of Independence. He received the second most votes in presidential elections in 1789 and thus served for eight years as George Washington's vice president, before he was elected president and became President of the United States at age 61.

John Adams became president on March 4, 1797 and left the office on March 4, 1801. His place of primary affiliation was Massachusetts.

President John Adams was a member of the Federalist Party and his vice president was Thomas Jefferson. John Adams' nicknames include His Roundity, The Atlas of Independence, Bonny Johnny, and The Duke of Braintree.

John Adams is also credited for building the Navy, which came in handy in the conflict with France.

President John Adams was married to his third Cousin Abigail Smith. John Adams was 90 years old when he died on July 4, 1826.

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