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Warren G. Harding was the United States of America’s twenty-ninth president.

President Warren G. Harding was born in Corsica, Ohio on November 2, 1865 and grew up to become America’s twenty-ninth president.

He was a newspaper publisher and editor before he became President of the United States at age 55. His place of primary affiliation was Ohio.

Warren G. Harding became president on Friday, March 4, 1921 and left the office on Thursday, August 2, 1923. President Warren G. Harding was a member of the Republican Party and his vice president was Calvin Coolidge.

Warren G. Harding's nicknames include W.G and Winnie.

It has been said that Harding was a handsome man of big words, but with little content. He also led the most corrupt presidential regime America had ever seen. In retrospect, many wondered if he deliberately closed his eyes or if he was just a jerk. Probably it was a bit of both, some say. He even said, "I am not fit for this position and should have never been here."

Warren G. Harding was 57 years old when he died on August 2, 1923.

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