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William McKinley was the United States of America’s twenty-fifth president.

President William McKinley was born in Niles, Ohio on January 29, 1843 and grew up to become America’s twenty-fifth president.

He was a lawyer before he became President of the United States at age 54. His place of primary affiliation was Ohio. William McKinley became president on March 4, 1897 and left the office on September 14, 1901.

President William McKinley was a member of the Republican Party and his vice presidents were Garret Hobart and Theodore Roosevelt.

William McKinley's nicknames include Liberator of Cuba, The Idol of Ohio, Wobbly Willie, The Human Iceberg, Ohio Napoleon, and The Napoleon of Protection.

The lawyer McKinley was a conservative Republican and protectionist. He was the first president without war experience at the inauguration. McKinley annexed Hawaii, where the Americans had major economic interests.

He was re-elected in 1900 with a solid margin, but was shot and killed by a Polish-descended anarchist. William McKinley was 58 years old when he died on September 14, 1901.

President McKinley is portrayed on U.S. paper currency. Other presidents portrayed on U.S. paper currency include President Jefferson, President Washington, President Jackson, President Grant, President Cleveland, President Madison, President Wilson, and President Lincoln.

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