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Zachary Taylor was the United States of Americaís twelfth president.

President Zachary Taylor was born in Orange County, Virginia on November 24, 1784 and grew up to become Americaís twelfth president.

He was a soldier before he became President of the United States at age 64. His place of primary affiliation was Louisiana.

Zachary Taylor became president on March 4, 1849 and left the office on July 9, 1850. President Zachary Taylor was a member of the Whig Party and his vice president was Millard Fillmore.

Zachary Taylor's nicknames include Old Rough & Ready, and Old Zack.

Zachary Taylor was the last to hold slaves while he was president. Taylor had 40 years of military service behind him before he became president, but survived only 16 months in office. A stomach virus killed him. He was Major General prior to his presidential ambitions.

President Zachary Taylor first used the name "First Lady."

Zachary Taylor was 65 years old when he died on July 9, 1850.

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