How to block number

How to block your phone number

Most land lines and cell phones now have caller ID so you can see who calls before you pick up the phone. Have you noticed that sometimes the caller ID information is not displayed when you receive a call? That is because the caller blocked their name and phone number.

The obvious question becomes: How to block your phone number when calling someone? To block your name and phone number when calling some one, simply dial *67 before dialing the phone number.

Why block your number?
There are many reasons for blocking your number. Maybe so people can't screen your calls, especially if you know the person won't answer if they know it's you calling. Or it could also be useful when you call a business establishment for information and you don't necessarily want them to have your number so they can solicit you later.

Does blocking your number always work?
In general, the answer is yes, when you call private persons, small businesses, and cell phones. However, have you noticed that if you call your phone company, they know who you are even though you blocked the number? That is because they control how the incoming phone calls to them are handled, and they can literally turn off the blocked call feature from incoming calls. The same is true for large companies, institutions, and universities etc. who operate their own phone systems and can adjust how incoming calls are displayed.

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