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Flip A Coin

Welcome to our Flip A Coin page! Please Flip It!

50/50 Chance
The percentage chance of getting heads or tails above is 50 percent. In real life it is not actually 50/50 because there is a very small percentage chance that the coin will land on its edge. In our virtual coin flip, there is no chance of it landing on its edge and it is truly a 50/50 chance.

Multiple Flips Chances
As explained above, the chance of getting any side on one flip is 50 percent. However, what are the chances of the same side coming up twice in a row or three times and so on? The formula to calculate this is (.50)^n where n is the number of flips in a row. Plugging in numbers for n, we get the following:

1 time same side = 50%
2 times same side = 25%
3 times same side = 12.5%
4 times same side = 6.25%
5 times same side = 3.125%

About our Coin

To create this "Flip A Coin" page we reached into our coin pouch and found a 1998 US Quarter Dollar.

It has the profile of George Washington on its obverse side and an eagle on the reverse side.

What side is Heads and what side is Tails?

It is pretty obvious, but to avoid any doubt or arguments amongst yourselves, Heads is Washington and Tails is the eagle.


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