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Find iBooks without using iTunes

iTunes may be required to browse and buy books from the iBookstore, but every iBook also has its own address on the Internet.

How can you search the iBookstore on the Internet to find a book? In other words, can you read about a book in the iBookstore without using iTunes, iPad, iPod, or iPhone? Yes, you can read about a book in the iBookstore with any computer using any browser.

This may be helpful if you simply want the price of the book in the iBookstore or if you want to read more about the book on iBookstore.

It is also helpful for authors and publishers who want to find the web address to their book on the iTunes webpage so it can be promoted on webpages, blogs, and social media.

Many also use the Search iBookstore feature below to get the iTunes Apple unique ID for a particular book.

Two step process to finding a book on iTunes using your computer instead of iTunes or the iBook App.

Step 1: Find the ISBN number for the book. The simplest way to do that is to first search for the book on Amazon and get the 13 digits ISBN number under book details.

Step 2: Type the 13 digit ISBN number (without the dashes) in the box below and click on "Search iBookStore".

Then click the “Back” button in your browser to come back here.

You can use ISBN 9781451648539 to see how it works. It will take you to

If you are a publisher or author and want the web address (URL) to your book, simply take out ?mt=11 from above, and you are left with

The number after 'id' is the unique iTunes Apple ID for that particular book.

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