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Home Theater Seating Review - Seatcraft Grenada Are you hesitant about ordering home theater seats online without being able to sit in them and make sure they're comfortable and good quality? We were too, but go ahead and order them! We've had ours for a couple of months and we love, love, love them! Seriously, just do it. We can't say enough good things about them and are really happy we took the leap.

Quality Leather
The black leather is really a nice, soft, quality leather and not shiny or slick looking.

These chairs are super comfortable! They feel solid and well-built, and it doesn't feel like they will sag like some chairs do.

Recline Buttons
They have two buttons on the inside of the arm near seat that are easy to reach and easy to see, because they have a cool blue light around them. The power recline is nice and smooth and you can stop it in whatever position you like - so much better than a manual recline chair!

USB Ports
It has two USB ports for charging your devices, located between the recline buttons and lit with a blue light. These have been really handy!

Removable Tray Tables
We thought the tray tables were a nice idea, but didn't think we would use them much. Wrong! They're awesome! The black trays slide in and out of a specially made metal hole on the front of the arm, just in front of the cupholder. They pivot smoothly and are sturdy (no wobble).

Armrest storage
The armrest is cushy and useable in all recline positions. The deep storage holds the tray table when not in use, or if you keep the tray table out, then you can store remotes, snacks or whatever in there.

The blue lights on the cupholder and running lights along front base are a nice touch. There is a push button on the cupholder that turns both on or off. The Recline Button/USB Port lights have a separate power source, so they stay on unless you turn off recline power.

The seats are solid and heavy, but easy for two people to carry and the separate backs were easy to install. Each chair has two cords, one for power recline and one for cupholder/running lights, so you'll probably need a power strip or two.

These are great chairs and we couldn't be happier with our purchase!

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Seatcraft Grenada Store
Buy your comfortable, quality Seatcraft Grenada Home Theater Seating today!

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Seatcraft Grenada Store
Buy your comfortable, good quality Seatcraft Grenada Home Theater Seating today!


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