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Shoe Size Converter

Are you looking to convert your shoe size from your country to another country? Here you can convert Women's and Men's shoe sizes from one country to another.





Different countries use different methods and measurements to calculate shoe size, making it difficult to determine the correct converted shoe size from country to country. We use formulas to calculate the exact converted shoe size to the country you select from our list. Unlike many other shoe size converters we have seen, we do not round off to give you a general shoe size, because it is not quite accurate. We give you the exact converted shoe size, so you can better determine if you should size up or down.

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Although our answers are exact based on our formulas, this should still be used only as a general guide to give you an indication of what the shoe size may be. Because shoe manufacturers use different guides and formulas to calculate their particular shoe sizes, the size you wear may vary from brand to brand.

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