April Fool's Day

Armed Forces Day

Belly Laugh Day

Black Friday

Boss's Day

Christmas Day

Cinco de Mayo

Citizenship Day

Columbus Day

Cyber Monday

Earth Day

Easter Sunday

End Daylight Savings

Father's Day

Federal day off for Christmas

Flag Day

Good Friday

Grandparents' Day

Groundhog Day


Independence Day

Labor Day

Lincoln's Birthday

Mardi Gras Carnival

Martin Luther King Day

Memorial Day

Mother's Day

Native American Day

New Year's Day

New Year's Eve

Parents' Day

Patriot Day

Pearl Harbor Day

Presidents Day

St. Patrick's Day

Start Daylight Savings

Stepfamily Day

Sweetest Day


Valentine's Day

Veteran's Day

Black Friday
You can get up really early and go out in the cold to get your Black Friday deals. But why? Find out why you don't have to here!

Christmas Story
The meaning of Christmas? This could be what Christmas is all about! Read this wounderful story!

Father's Day
Test your knowledge about Father's Day. Do you know what country first celebrated Father's Day?

America's Flag Store
Great collections of flags from all 50 states. Get your state flag today for flag day!

Fourth of July
What do you know about Independence Day? Check your Knowledge here!

Independence Day
What do you know about Fourth of July? Check your Knowledge here!

President's Birthdays
We celebrate one President's Day, but do you know when the actual President's birthdays are?

Memorial Day
What do you know about Memorial Day. See if you can answer questions about this Federal Holiday...or is it a Federal Holiday?

St. Patrick's Day
Do you know why Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Find out!

Valentine's Day Trivia
About 110 million roses, most of them red, will be sold for Valentine's Day this year. Read more Trivia here!

How many days until Christmas?
Find out home many days left until you can open presents from Santa!


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