Future Holidays and Events Calendar

Welcome to Research Maniacs' Calendar of Holidays and other events for the future. Use this information to find out about dates of future special days so you can plan accordingly.

Holidays in a certain year
Are you planning the whole year? Do you need to know the holidays and events of a certain year. Here you will see all the Holidays and events of a given year of your choice.

FAQs about Holiday Dates
Not sure what you are looking for? Read through the list of frequently asked questions about Holidays and Events scheduled for the future.

What Day was I born on?
Your birthday is certainly a holiday for you! Find out what day of the week your were born and what it means.

How Many Days Old Am I
Have you every asked yourself: how many days old am I? Well, you can find out exactly here.

How many days until future date
Find out how many days until any future date here.

Countdown to Date
Here is your countdown to date

What date is any day next week?
What date is any day next week?

Specific Holiday for any Year
See how any given holiday of your choice will land on different days throughout the years.

Daylight Savings
When is Daylight Savings for this year and future years.

Friday The 13th Dates
All Friday The 13th Dates for the next 100 years.

Leap Year
See Future leap years and what weekday February 29th will be on.

How Many Days Until My Birthday
You birthday is coming up within 365 days. Find out exactly how many days until your birthday.

How many days until the holidays?
How many days until future holidays?.

When is weeks from Now
Choose any number of weeks to see how many weeks from now.

When is Days from Now
Choose any number of days to see how many days from now.

Father's Day Quiz
Test your knowledge about Father's Day. Do you know what country first celebrated Father's Day?

Fourth of July Quiz
What do you know about Independence Day? Check your Knowledge here!

How many days in a Year?
How many days in a Year and more useful information

List of National food and drink days
Get the full list of national food and drink days here.

Independence Day Quiz
What do you know about Fourth of July? Check your Knowledge here!

Memorial Day Quiz
What do you know about Memorial Day. See if you can answer questions about this Federal Holiday...or is it a Federal Holiday?





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