What Day was I born on?

We can figure out what weekday you were born on and what it means

So does it matter what day of the week you were born? Many people think so! First figure out what day you were born, and then read traits and information about the day you were born and how it relates to your personality and how you are now.

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The ruling planet is the Sun and the Zodiac animal is the Garuda. You are talkative, generous, helpful and kind. You thrive on challenges. You like to travel to explore new things and meet new obstacles to solve. You have lot of energy and are seldom depressed.

The ruling planet is the Moon and the Zodiac animal is the Tiger. You live by the golden rule with strong moral personality and you are a law-abiding citizen, but you don't like it when people take advantage of you or waste your time. You are intelligent, intuitive, and detail oriented. You are also soft, calm, and patient.

The ruling planet is Mars and the Zodiac animal is the Lion. You have dignity, you have a lot of confidence, you have your own opinions and people will follow you because you are a natural leader. You may show anger, but you will always have the courage to take on any challenge.

The ruling planet is Mercury and the Zodiac animal is the Elephant. You are intelligent, yet unpredictable and that will sometimes get you in trouble. However, people will love you because of your independence, passion and enthusiasm.

The ruling planet is Jupiter and the Zodiac animal is the Rat. You are good at finding opportunities using available information and resources, because you are intelligent and clever. You go after opportunities with all your energy. You are also practical, compassionate and kind, but can be introverted and quiet.

The ruling planet is Venus and the Zodiac animal is the Guinea Pig. You are probably an artist. You are creative and have a lot of ideas. You work on many projects at once, but you seldom have time to finish them, because you are off to new fun and interesting ideas. Although scatter-brained, you are also loving, sympathetic, and a good friend to have.

The ruling planet is Saturn and the Zodiac animal is the Dragon. You may be poor and emotional, but people will flock to you because of your confidence and great sense of humor. Although you don't have motivation to accomplish a lot in life, you strongly believe that you control your own destiny.

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