Stories with donkeys

Stories with donkeys in them

What do you know about donkeys? Do you know what donkeys think and feel? Learn about donkeys by reading stories with donkeys in them!

The donkey and his driver

The donkey and his masters

The donkey and his purchaser

The donkey and his shadow

The donkey and the charger

The donkey and the frogs

The donkey and the grasshopper

The donkey and the horse

The donkey and the lapdog

The donkey and the mule

The donkey and the old shepherd

The donkey and the wolf

The donkey carrying the image

The donkey in the lions skin

The donkey, the fox, and the lion

The donkey, the rooster, and the lion

The goat and the donkey

The horse and the donkey

The lion the fox and the donkey

The miller, his son, and their donkey

The playful donkey

The wild donkey and the lion

The salt merchant and his ass

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