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Fix iCloud Numbers and Pages not syncing

Documents and spreadsheets you keep on the iCloud Drive can be accessed from different devices like your iMac at home and your Macbook while traveling.

However, now you are out of town and you notice that the spreadsheet on your laptop is old and not the updated file your were working on at home just last night. How do you get your laptop to sync with the cloud to get the updated file?

Your are thinking: Where is that iCloud Drive sync button? Well, we haven't found one! However, here is an easy trick to sync your Pages documents and Numbers spreadsheets:

Make a new file called "update" or whatever in Pages or Numbers and then save the file on your iCloud drive.

When you save it, your computer will go right away to Apple's cloud server and save the file, and sync all your other files while it is at it.

Every time you need your files to sync with the iCloud drive, simply open your "update" file (which you don't care about its content) and make a quick change and then save it.

Every time you save it, it will force all the other important files to be updated too.

It's that easy folks!


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