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What Will Ad Blockers Do To The Internet?

When you visit news, social, search engines, and informational sites you most likely don't have to pay for the information. It is completely free! Yet, these sites have employees, servers, buildings, and many other expenses related to the business of offering information to you for free! How can they do that? You probably know the answer which is: Advertising.

Website Ad Blockers, as the name indicates, block ads on websites. As ad blockers become mainstream add-ons to browsers, what will the future of the Internet look like? What will happen to all the sites mentioned above that can provide information for free in return for advertising?

Here are some possible future consequences that could happen as more end users block ads to view free sites:

Subscription fee: Your favorite site may start charging a subscription fee. Visitors will be required to create an account and submit payment before they can read information, news, or update their latest picture on social media sites.

Ad blockers become rich: The current, most popular ad blocker company will allow websites to pay to be exempt from having their ads blocked. Eventually, every site will be exempt, so users will move to the next ad blocker company, which will become the most popular ad blocking company, then they will charge a fee for exemptions, and so on. So it's just a circle where new ad blocker companies take turns making money.

Never-ending battle: Advertisers will find ways of circumventing the blocks and ad blockers will keep updating their ad blocker to block new ads. It will be a never-ending battle where they take turns being in the lead.

More Noise: Like you see in the movies and TV shows, information you find on the Internet will have inserted placements ads. It will become harder and harder to differentiate real information from disguised advertising. As advertisers blend real information with advertising, the end user will have to read through more information in order to be entertained or attain more knowledge.

White-Listing Required: Sites will require you to white-list them in your ad blocker in order for you to read the content. As every publisher requires this, the end users spend all day white-listing and they may as well uninstall the ad blocker.

These are just some possible consequences of Ad Blockers. The Internet changes every day. Some say ad blockers are the end of free Internet, while others say it is just another way the Internet is evolving in its infancy.

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