What does SMH mean?

If you do any kind of texting, you have probably seen SMH, but do you know what SMH means?

The answer to "What does SMH mean" depends on the context you are referring to or where you see it or hear it.

If you are a stock broker or investor you probably think of semiconductors when you read SMH, because SMH is Merrill Lynch's ticker for the index that follows the top 25 publicly traded semiconductor companies in the United States.

If you live in Australia and hear SMH, you are probably thinking about the latest news, because SMH is an acronym for a very popular newspaper in Australia called the Sydney Morning Herald.

If you are in Papua New Guinea (an island north of Australia) and hear someone saying SMH, then they are probably referring to Sapmanga, which is the airport in Papua New Guinea. Yes, you guessed it. SMH is the airport code for Sampanga.

SMH is also an acronym for numerous companies, hospitals and organizations around the world, including SMH International and Slidell Memorial Hospital.

On Facebook, Twitter, and while texting it could mean, "Scratching My Head" or "So Much Hate," but the most common internet and texting meaning of SMH is "Shaking My Head."
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