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Universal Time (UTC)

What time is the current Universal Time?

Below, we display current Universal Time. Universal Time is also called Universal Time Coordinated or Universal Coordinated Time and its acronym is UTC or simply UT.

Earth is divided into different time zones, based on longitude. Universal Time is the time at Longitude 0 degrees, which is also called Prime Meridian. It is the line that splits Earth into the Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere.

Research Maniacs has visitors from all over the world reading our research and we find it very useful to use Universal Time to communicate certain topics related to time, so we communicate the correct time to all visitors in all time zones, because Universal Time is the same for everyone on earth..

NOTE: To make this page work even if you are offline, we take the time and date of your computer to calculate the Universal Time. If the time and date on your computer is wrong, then the above time and date will be incorrect, too.

Time Information
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