How many can I follow on Twitter?
What is the limit on how many I can follow on Twitter?

So, you would like to have tons of people following you on twitter and reading your interesting tweets, because you are so important!

And since you are so busy, you want to find the easiest way to get followers.

The easiest way to get Twitter followers is simply to follow as many as possible because one third will follow you right back with no questions asked!

Here are some things to consider and be aware of as you are using the "follow others to get followers" tactic.

Follow people with the same interest as you. They are more likely to follow you back. That is really the idea anyway - to share common interest!

The max number you can follow in one day is 1000.

You can follow up to 2000 before Twitter stops you from following.

After you hit 2000, Twitter uses a formula to calculate how many you can follow based on how many followers you have. To find out how many you can follow, enter your number of follower here: (You must have more than 1820 followers to follow more than 2000)

There are many other (and perhaps better) ways to get followers. You can advertise and promote your account, write interesting tweets or use your celebrity status to name a few.

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