Tilt Shift Video
What is Tilt Shift Video and how do you make Tilt Shift Video

What is Tilt-Shift Video filming?
Tilt-shift filming is a technique that creates the illusion that the objects in the video are not real, looks more like a miniature model of the real thing, and acts and behaves like stock motion video.

Below is an example of a short video shot in and around Pacific City, Oregon illustrating Tilt Shift Video.

You can buy expensive lenses to create this interesting effect, but you can also easily create this effect with a regular camcorder and one of the many video-editing programs out there.

How to film to get the Tilt-Shift effect
For best results, we recommend that you film from above. This makes sense, since most miniature models are viewed from above. Furthermore, you should shoot at a 45-degree angle downwards, positioning most of the movement and what you want to emphasize in the middle of the screen to get the best result.

Filming from a tall building above, looking down at a lot of people in a parade, at a sporting event, etc., would make for ideal conditions to make your Tilt-Shift project look like a miniature model with people that look like dolls in a stop motion movie.

How to edit your video to get the Tilt-Shift effect
This is easier than you may think. Basically, all you do is blur part of the screen and speed up the video. A good rule of thumb would be to blur everything except what you wanted to emphasize in the middle of the screen. So you blur what is on top of the screen and what is on the bottom of the screen. Try to blur what is very close and v ery far away. When that is done, simply speed up your video a few times to get the desired effect - and voila, you have created a Tilt-Shift movie.

Check out more Tilt Shift Videos on Youtube.

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