Make QR Code
What is QR code and how to make QR code

QR Codes means Quick Response Codes and is a two-dimensional bar code. It can hold up to 4,296 characters.

QR codes is a must have for marketers, advertisers, realtors, and numerous other professions. It allows potential customers to get instant information on their phone by scanning your QR Code.

You don't have to create QR code from scratch. You can make QR Codes using Google's Chart API.

For practice, type in HelloWorld below and press "Create QR Code".

That will take you to the webpage below showing the HelloWorld QR Code in 200x200 pixel size.

In the address bar change the 200x200 to the size you want, and then put the cursor at the end of of the address and press enter. It will now make a HelloWorld QR Code with the size you specified.

To make your own QR code, enter your text, URL (start with http://), phone number, or whatever you want in the above box and press "create QR code", then change the address to the desired size and press enter.

After you have made the QR code image the size you want, right click on the QR code image and save it to your computer. It is now possible to insert the QR code image into documents, advertising material, webpages, and so on.

Webpage: If you want the QR code to go to a webpage, then make sure to type in the entire webpage. For Example: //

Email: To make the QR code open the e-mail program and enter your e-mail address, type mailto:e-mail-address.
For example

iBook: If someone is scanning the QR code with an iPad, iPod, or iPhone, then you can make a QR code that goes directly to a book in iTunes by simply typing in the iTunes URL. If you don't have the iTunes Book URL, then Search iBookstore

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