Can Flamingos Fly?

Can Flamingos fly? Find out below!

I was at our local zoo today and I was admiring the flamingos standing there on two and sometimes just one long thin leg. The zoo keeps the flamingos in an open grassy field with a nice pond. The flamingo field has a fence around it, but it is only 2 feet high. I overheard a bright young boy asking the zookeeper a good question: Can flamingos fly?

Here is the zookeeper’s answer: Yes, flamingos can fly. They fly with their long necks stretched forward and their long legs stretched way back. However, they can't start flying by simply flapping their wings. They need a runway, like a plane, and they run to get speed before liftoff. Furthermore, they usually fly between lakes at night and not during the day.

PS. Why do flamingos stand on one leg? The flamingos stand on one leg to conserve energy.

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