What do ladybugs eat?

What do ladybugs eat? Find out below

You sit out on your porch watching a ladybug flying, then landing on your table, whereupon you let it crawl up on your hand thinking: Is the ladybug eating me? What do ladybugs eat?

Contrary to popular belief, ladybugs do not usually eat plants, leaves, and other growing things in your backyard. Ladybugs eat other insects. You should welcome ladybugs into your backyard, because they eat all the 'bad' insects that eat your well tended plants and flowers.

More specifically, ladybugs eat aphids like greenflies, which are soft bodied insects. Aphids are bad for plants and flowers, because they suck out juices that plants and flowers need to stay healthy.

NOTE. The spots on the back of a ladybug are not an indication of how many years old a ladybug is, because a ladybug only lives for about a month. Some believe that ladybugs bring good luck. Tell that to the greenfly!

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