Can Elephants Swim?

Can Elephants Swim? Find out below

Since I was little, elephants have fascinated me. Big or small, my immediate response when someone asked me about my favorite animal, the answer was always elephant. I traveled to Africa a few years ago, and actually got to see them in the wild! It was the best vacation I have ever had. I strongly recommend safari vacation packages to Africa.

Anyway, you may have heard about hippos not being able to swim (Can Hippos Swim?), so you may assume that elephants may not be able to, either. But, elephants have relatively large legs, their bodies are huge floating devices, and their noses are perfect snorkels.

It was very amazing to see elephants swimming in Africa! I guess I always assumed they couldn't, but they sure can swim! Well, you learn something new everyday. So can elephants swim? Yes, in fact they can. Elephants are great swimmers.

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