Can Turkeys fly?

Can Turkeys fly? Find out below.

Thanksgiving is over and you can barely walk away from the dinner table because you are stuffed with turkey. As your belly is full and you are a getting a little tired from all the eating, you are thinking: At the zoo, on farms, and in the wild, it seems like turkeys are always on the ground. I never see them up in the air when I am out barbecuing. So the obvious question becomes: Can Turkeys Fly?

Yes, turkeys can fly. They are very heavy so they can't fly very far, but yes they can fly shorter distances. The distance depends a little on how big they are. Wild and lean turkeys can fly the longest. Fat farm-raised turkeys fly the shortest distance. We have heard that some of the farm-raised turkeys are in fact so fat that they cannot fly. Interesting to note, the more turkey humans eat, the less capable humans are of running.

PS. Since wild turkeys fly very low and short distances, they are easy targets for human hunters.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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