How big is the Moon?

How big is the Moon. Find out here!

Compared to the other stars and planets in space, the one thing that sticks out the most is the Moon. The Moon looks huge compared to the other 'lights' in the sky. So how big is the Moon?

The Moon is relatively small compared to other planets and stars. The reason why it appears so large to us, is simply because it is so close to Earth. It is only 238,000 miles away from Earth.

Earth's circumference is 25,000, so the distance from Earth to the Moon is less than going 10 times around Earth!

Here are the numbers to get you a better idea of the Moon's size:

Moon Radius: 1,080 miles
Moon Diameter: 2,160 miles
Moon Circumference: 6,785 miles
Moon Surface: 3,665,000 square miles
Moon Volume: 5,275,000,000 cubic square miles

In conclusion, if you compare the above numbers to Earth, you will see that Earth is about 4 times larger than the Moon.

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