How many Hawaiian Islands?

Question: How many Hawaiian Islands?

The Hawaiian Islands are a favorite vacation destination for many of Research Maniacs' staff. Many have been to several of the islands, but how many Hawaiian Islands are there? Let's go through the major islands here to find out.

Hawaii Island (Hawai'i), also known as The Big Island, is the largest island. This island has everything from sunny beaches to snow capped mountains. It's one of our favorite islands.

Maui, also known as The Valley Isle, is famous for the Road to Hana and of course, the volcano Haleakala. Easy access from the mainland makes this a favorite among vacationers.

Oahu (O'ahu) is also known as The Gathering Place. This is where Honolulu, the state capital is located. It has the largest population of any of the islands. You have probably heard of Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor, which are located here.

Kauai (Kaua'i), also known as The Garden Isle, is the most northern Hawaiian Island. It may have a little cooler climate compared to the other islands, but it is a perfect family vacation destination.

Molokai (Moloka'i) is a small Island also known as The Friendly Isle. If you love nature, you will love this island. Molokai is beautiful!

Lanai (Lana'i) is also known as The Pineapple Isle, because they grow pineapples (Dole) there! This 140 square mile island is owned by Larry Ellison of Oracle. The island is not very developed.

Niihau (Ni'ihau) is also known as The Forbidden Isle. This island is privately owned and very few people live on it.

Kahoolawe (Kaho'olawe) is also known as The Target Isle and is the smallest island. It has a population of zero and has for many years been used for military training. The island is not developed.

Thus, the answer to "How many Hawaiian Islands?" is 8. In summary, the 8 major Hawaiian Islands are Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe.

Note: There are also many other smaller, non-major Islands with names such as Kauo, Mokupapapa, Necker, and Nihoa. If you add the smaller islands to the list above, then the total number of Hawaiian Islands would actually be 137. However, most consider only the 8 islands above to be the major Hawaiian Islands.

Now that you know how many islands are in Hawaii, we hope to see you on one of them.

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