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How much to tip

How Much to Tip
The general rule is that you should pay 15 percent tip for OK service, 20 percent if it was great service, and 10 percent if it was bad service. People tip for three reasons: 1) Because it is socially expected of them, 2) To reward/pay the person serving them, and 3) to make sure they get adequate service next time they visit that establishment or need that service. Below are more specific tip recommendations.

How much to tip in a restaurant? Here you can use the general rule described above: 10% (bad service), 15% (OK service), and 20% (great service). Note that you do not tip Uncle Sam, so percentage should be calculated before tax is added. You can use the same percentage in a bar, but make sure to give the bartender at least $1.00 tip per drink. Furthermore, bathroom and coatroom attendants should get $1 each.

How much to tip in a hotel? Get your cash out because you are tipping everyone here! First tip the doorman $1.00 per bag to bring in the luggage, then tip the bellhop $1.00 per bag for bringing the luggage to your room, then pay 10 percent tip on room service. If something breaks in your room, tip the repair person $2.00. Then, when you leave, tip the maid $3/night. Don't forget to also tip the hotel concierge for any services like getting your restaurant reservation or tickets to a show. Concierge will be happy with $5.00. When you leave, you have to pay the bellhop and doorman again according to how many bags you have. You also tip the doorman an extra $1.00 to hail a taxi.

How much to tip valet? First of all, you do not tip the person that opens your door and parks your car. You tip the person that retrieves your car and gives it to you. Most common tip is $2.00. However, if you are at a very fancy restaurant or you want to be extra nice, you could give as much as $5.00.

How much to tip a taxi driver? Most taxi drivers would be happy with 15 percent. If they have to help you with bags, add a $1.00 per bag.

How much to tip delivery of pizza and other delivery services. The pizza delivery person you can tip $2 per pizza, and other food delivery people about 10 percent before tax. There is no need to tip for delivery of mail or packages, but if you get a lot of delivery from the same person, you may want to give him or her a $20 to $50 Christmas bonus. We also give our US Postal delivery person a little something every Christmas.

Hair Salon
How much to tip at the salon? You should tip a hairdresser or barber for haircuts, shampoo, shave, etc. Tip a hairdresser or barber 15 percent. However, if it is one of those inexpensive haircut places where you can get a haircut for $8.00 or something like that, we recommend that you tip at least $3.00.

Personal Services
In addition to hair salons, 15 percent is a good tip for manicurists, massages, and other personal services like that. Note, that you only tip employees. You do not tip for these services if the service is provided by the owner.

What NOT to Tip
Electricians, plumbers, and other professionals like that do not need to be tipped.Furthermore, tipping retailers like Starbucks is optional.

Tip Calculator
Enter bill amount to nearest dollar below to see how much to tip.

Comments from Research Maniacs' patrons

I don't think you should tip the repairman in a hotel. When you pay for the room, you should expect it to be perfect. You should not have to pay a tip to pay for an inferior hotel room. Would you pay extra tip if your first order at a restaurant was not correct?

Dave the Traveler - Sacramento, California


You should put movers on your list of people to tip too. I paid $25 for each of the three people that help me move from one house to another last summer.

Jack - Omaha, Nebraska


I do not want to sound stingy, but I never tip at Starbucks or other coffee places. The tip jars you see on every counter these days are tacky and should be ignored. This guilting you into tipping when they did not serve you, but simply made what you paid for, is not right.

Coffee fan - Seattle, Washington


I have a gardener from south of the border that comes once a week to take care of my lawn. I tip him 2 weeks salary for Christmas.

Nancy - Santa Barbara, California


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