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Tip Calculator

Welcome to Research Maniacs' Tip Calculator. It is so easy!

All you have to do is enter the bill amount below and press "Add Tip". We will tell you what the tip amount is and what the total amount should be.

Note that we do not believe you should be too stingy with tips, so the box above requires you to round up to the nearest dollar when entering the bill amount.

Here are the most popular tip amount searches:

What is tip on $20?

What is tip on $30?

What is tip on $45?

What is tip on $50?

What is tip on $70?

About Research Maniacs'
Tip Calculator

We get a lot of visitors to our How much to tip? page, and many of those visitors requested that we make a tip calculator.

This calculator is made in response to our loyal visitors' requests.


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