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Random Identity Generator

The Random Identity Generator can make up random names, addresses, dates, and so on.

The combinations of random identities that you can generate on this page are in the billions.

In fact, you can use this page to create more different combinations of random identities than there are people on earth.

They are all made-up, random, fictitious US identities, and as you see in the movie credits, any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Each time you press "Female" or "Male" below, it will generate a new random identity based on the gender you selected and then populate all fields below.



City, State Zip:


Mother's Maiden Name
Father's Middle Name
Best Friend
Pet's Name


Best Friend's Birthday
Year Father Born


Favorite Place
Favorite Teacher
Favorite Movie

More information
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Random Information
The information itself is not random, but the topics are related to randomness.

Important Note

This page is for entertainment only. We enjoyed making this tool and find it funny and interesting to read the different identities it creates!


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