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Buddhism Symbol
What is the symbol of Buddhism?

What is the symbol of Buddhism? One of the major symbols of Buddhism is the Wheel of Dharma. Wheel of Dharma or Wheel of Life is translated from the words Dharmachakra or Dhammacakka and represents the teaching of Dharma. Dharma is basically Buddha's teaching of the road to enlightenment.

The Dharma is round and this circle shape symbolizes how perfect the Dharma teaching is. The middle or core part stands for discipline to meditate. The rim holds everything together and refers to mindfulness.

The eight paths from the center represent the Noble Eightfold Path which are Right beliefs, Right aspirations, Right speech, Right conduct, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness, and Right meditational attainment.

Note that there are also lesser-known symbols of Buddhism, such as the Lotus Flower.

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