Difference Between Hotel And Motel

What is the Difference Between Hotel And Motel?

What is the difference between hotel and motel? Here we will look at hotel vs. motel.

Let's start with the look. A motel is usually one or two stories while a hotel can be many floors tall. Some people say motels are vertical in shape and hotels are horizontal in shape.

The purpose of a motel is usually to get some rest while traveling. In and out with no fuss. While a hotel, is more of a vacation place. For this reason, a hotel has a lot more services such as room service, a restaurant, a pool, massage, and so on. On the other hand, motels are very convenient, because you can usually drive up and park outside your room.

Since hotels have more features and amenities, a hotel is usually a lot more expensive than a motel. A hotel also sometimes requires a minimum stay, while a motel is very flexible on how long you need to stay.

Motels are usually located close to highways and service the traveling people, while hotels can be everywhere and service vacationers and longer stays.

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