Cat Facts

Facts about cats

How do Cats purr?
How do Cats purr?
Find out how cats purr.

How Long Do Cats Live?
Find out how long your cat will live and what you can do to make it live longer.

How long are cats pregnant?
How long do cats carry kittens?

Why do cats purr?
Why do cats purr? Cats purr for many reasons.

Why do cats have whiskers?
Why do cats have whiskers and what do they use them for?

How long do cats sleep?
How long do cats sleep and why do they sleep so long?

Why do cats eat grass?
Question: Why do cats eat grass?

What kind of cat is Maru?
Question: What kind of cat is Maru?

Stories with cats
Stories with cats in them

Feral Cats
Facts and information about feral cats.

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