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Events - Different kind of events

US Holidays
List of future holidays, Federal Days off, and Daylight Savings information. Great for planning the future.

Special Days and Events
Learn more about special days and events throughout the year.

St. Patrick's Day
The reason the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Plan and Prepare for Halloween

What Chinese Year is it?
Find out what Chinese Year it is!

Jewish Holidays
Rabbi Daniel's list of Jewish Holidays

President's Birthdays
List of all US Presidents Birthdays.

Holiday Calendar
Everything you need to know about future holidays including future dates of all major future holidays

Father's Day
Test your knowledge about Father's Day. Do you know what country first celebrated Father's Day?

Fourth of July
What do you know about Independence Day? Check your Knowledge here!

Independence Day
What do you know about Fourth of July? Check your Knowledge here!

Memorial Day
What do you know about Memorial Day. See if you can answer questions about this Federal Holiday...or is it a Federal Holiday?


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