How to Lose Weight

Research Maniacs' 4-step weight loss program

This is how you lose weight for free.

Losing weight is extremely simple. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you shove into your mouth. It is that plain and simple.

Do not take fake or harmful pills, have dangerous operations, or sign up for the expensive diet fad of the month. Simply understand that you must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Just eat less and be more active. Here is the simple equation:

Calories you Consume < Calories you Burn = Weight Loss.

The weight loss number above should be about 500 per day.

Step 1: Find out how many calories you should eat. This is how many calories you should eat at optimal weight. Again, to lose weight you want to eat 500 calories less than this per day. To get the answer to step 1, see
How many calories should I eat?

Step 2: Find out how many calories you are eating. We recommend that you get a calorie counter book like this one. If you don't want to buy a book, you may be able to find a webpage that lists calories for different foods.

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This is a bit tedious at first, but you will be surprised how many calories you are actually eating!

Step 3: Explore some new activities to help you burn more fat.

Step 4: Adjust your calorie intake in Step 2 and activities in Step 3 so you will consume 500 calories less than you find in Step 1.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts to make it easier to accomplish your goal of losing weight and feeling great.

Do not pleasure-eat or drink. You do not need to drink a soda, you do not need a donut with your coffee, and you do not need to stuff your face with potato chips while watching TV.

Do drink a lot of water and eat a lot of low-calorie vegetables to make you feel full and less in need of unhealthy snacks between meals.

Do not eat because you are bored. If you are bored, do something... go out for a run, do some sit-ups, or walk the dog.

Do not eat due to emotion, like because you are happy, sad, depressed, or upset. Work through those emotions by going for a run, walk, bike ride, swim, or whatever exercise makes you feel good. Grab a friend and do it together if that helps.

Do not eat or drink to celebrate or as a reward.

Do limit your portions and don't fill up a second plate. Give your food a few minutes to settle and you will see that you are not really hungry anymore and do not need that second portion.

Do not eat out. Restaurant meals are loaded with hidden calories.

Do not skip meals. Your body likes routine. See our explanation on
Why is breakfast important? for more information.

Do find a partner to lose weight with. Losing weight is a lot easier if you don't do it alone. If possible, we recommend that you lose weight with someone in your household so you are eating and working towards the same goal. It is hard to lose weight if everyone around you is eating junk food all day long.

Do be patient. You did not become a hippo overnight; don't expect to become a supermodel overnight either. At a pound per week, it would take a year to lose 50 pounds.

Do not eat a lot of meat. See our explanation of
Why Eat Less Meat?

Do exercise your muscles to speed up calorie burning, because muscles burn calories faster than fat. So, the more muscle you have, the faster you lose weight.

Do not starve yourself. If you don't eat enough calories, your body will go into starvation mode, causing it to preserve fat, and you will lose less weight.

Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol is just lots of empty calories your body doesn't need.

Do limit what you put on your food. Use less butter, less cream in coffee, less mayonnaise on your sandwich and so on.

Limit your gluten consumption. Find out why is Gluten bad? .

Do keep track of your accomplishments and establish goals. It makes it harder to skip a day if you record your progress, and establishing reasonable goals makes you understand the process better.

Good luck....and next time you approach the drive-thru, ask yourself, "Is it really worth it?"

PS. Calculate: What is my BMI? and find out How much should I weigh?

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