What is Popcorn?

Question: What is Popcorn?

Popcorn is a made from corn kernels. It is basically a special kind of kernel that puffs up when it is heated.

These kernels have a hard shell, but are soft and moist inside. When you cook these corn kernels on high heat, it creates a pressure inside that will eventually make the kernel pop (explode) into popcorn.

The scientific name for corn that pops is zea mays everta. Note, that not all corn kernels pop. The only kernel that pops is the zea mays everta.

Popcorn is a favorite snack among young and old and is especially popular at the movie theater.

Experiment with different ways of cooking popcorn to find your favorite popcorn! Yum!

Tons of good information about popcorn. Many interesting facts for popcorn lovers.

Is Popcorn healthy?
Question: Is Popcorn healthy?

Is popcorn gluten free?
Question: Is popcorn gluten free?

Why is it Called?
Question: Why is it called? Why is it called this? Why is it called that?

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